marketing services

  • strategic


    Marketing plans are the cornerstone of any successful business. They define the 4 "P"s (product, place, promotion and pricing) and detail tactics that will help the enterprise identify itself to the customer base. It is typically a timelined document that is most effective when success measurements are incorporated within it.

    Leapfrog can help you define, develop, write and execute marketing plans. Whether it's for the next 1, 5 or 10 years our plans will ensure that they are strategic in nature, but executable in tactics...with plenty of success measurement components.

    Look before you leap! Knowing your market before making business decisions is logical. That is only a fraction of the story though... at Leapfrog we can offer more than market research, we can offer business intelligenceCompetitor analysis, market analysis, government forces... in essence anything that can affect your decisions on the 4 "P"s.

    Other strategic initiatives we can help with include: social media strategies, co-marketing opportunities, PR and more finite program design like tradeshow/conference plans and internal communication program design.

  • tactical


    Communication programs can be subsets of the Marketing Plan, or stand alone entities for specific products or services onto themselves. In short, communication programs encompass every way that your enterprise touches your customer when you want to tell them about you.

    Leapfrog can build communication programs for your products/services, or the whole corporation that will increase awarenesslaunch new products and/or generate leads. Some techniques we have used combined direct mail, e-mail, advertising, promotion, tradeshows and websites.We bring over 20 years of experience in developing communication material for business. Ranging from sell sheets, to brochures our skills in copywriting and design will ensure that your material looks professional and communicates the right message to your customers.

  • The world's leading companies' biggest asset is their brand...just ask Coca Cola, or Starbucks. And brand building takes time and effort. So whether a start-up or an established entity, the way your brand is perceived may be the difference between premium price and discounter, local supplier and regional force, success or failure.

    Leapfrog can build a brand presence through services such as logo designstationery, slogan development, Public Relations, community involvement programs, tradeshow graphics, events, collateral development and signage. We can also source out the right promotional material that is in-line with your brand, or specific event.

  • Customer Retention


    OK, you know the takes 10 times the resources (time, money, sweat) to find a new customer than to keep an existing one. At Leapfrog we can create loyalty programs, execute satisfaction surveys and even set you up with the right tools to manage your customer service function.